• 21 Feb 2024
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    Looking for API docs?

    Please click here for a detailed explanation of how to integrate using the Silent Push API.

    The Silent Push API facilitates an API gateway in front of existing individual API endpoints that form part of a combined API call.

    Here are the constituent elements of a Silent Push API call:

    API root path


    Sample request



    The request must incude an http header in the format: X-API-KEY: N98G-YNUT5QFGOFOPEUR0VFED82-PJR

    Obtaining an API key

    Administratives users can generate an API keys, and view information on existing keys, by navigating to Profile > Organization > API Keys

    API limits

    The amount of daily API calls permitted varies depending on subscription levels and additional purchases. Silent Push will inform you via email when your daily API limit has been reached.

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