Obtain a list of subdomains
    • 02 May 2023
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    Obtain a list of subdomains

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    The Silent Push Subdomain finder outputs all of your organization's subdomains and trusted infrastructure, allowing you gain an instant top-down view of your public DNS presence.

    Subdomain enumeration is a key defense against all manner of brand impersonation and takeover TTPs, including third-party service exploits, subdomain takeovers, SSL certificate manipulation.

    1. Navigate to Attack Surface Mapping > Digital Footprint for Domain > Subdomains

    2. Enter a Domain

    3. Specify a Sorting order, for outputted results to be displayed in

    4. Click Search

    Monitoring subdomain changes

    Once you've received a set of results, Silent Push allows you to monitor the data, alerting you of changes via email every 24 hours.

    1. On the Explore screen, click the Monitor button on the top right

    2. Enter a Monitor name

    3. Enter a Description

    4. Click Save

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