Monitoring a set of results
    • 02 May 2023
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    Monitoring a set of results

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    Results generated on the Explore screen - either from a simple passive DNS lookup, or generated via from queries performed in Explore DNS Data, Attack Surface Mapping or Digital Threat Management - can be monitored to produce an email every 24 hours that informs a user of any changes in the data.

    Our Monitoring feature is of particular use to security teams and/or job roles that have clearly defined defense duties focused on one or more distinct areas of an attack surface.

    Rather than re-running the same set of queries every day, organizations are able to save time and resources by automating cyber defense measures across an unlimited amount of attack vectors at the click of a button.

    1. Generate a set of observables within the Explore screen using a passive DNS lookup, or by running an operation from within Explore DNS Data, Threat Intelligence Management, Attack Surface Mapping or Digital Threat Management

    2. Click the Monitor button to apply a monitor that runs the query once every 24 hours. You'll be alerted when Silent Push detects new results via email (filtering/sorting options are not applied)

    3. Specify a Monitor name

    4. Enter a Description

    5. Click Save

    6. Your monitored query is now visible in Monitors > Monitored Queries

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