• 26 Jun 2024
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    Silent Push offers both an inbound and outbound integration with ThreatConnect to allow users of both platforms to utilize our enrichment, DNS, and threat intelligence data.

    Ingesting a ThreatConnect feed into Silent Push

    1. Go to Menu > Threat Intelligence Management > Feeds

    2. Select Create New Feed > From URL

    3. Enter authentication details

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    Enriching ThreatConnect Data Using Silent Push Intelligence

    Using the ThreatConnect Playbook App, users can leverage our first-party database via 23 available actions:

    • Domain Enrichment
    • Domain Search
    • Domain Typosquatting Search
    • Forward PADNS Lookup
    • Get ASN Reputation
    • Get ASN Reputation History
    • Get ASN Takedown Reputation
    • Get ASN Takedown Reputation History
    • Get Bulk Domain Information
    • Get Bulk Domain Risk Score
    • Get Bulk IPv4 History Information
    • Get Bulk IPv4 Information
    • Get Bulk IPv4 Risk Score
    • Get Cousin Domains
    • Get Nameserver Reputation
    • Get Nameserver Reputation History
    • Get Sibling Domains
    • Get Subnet Reputation
    • Get Subnet Reputation History
    • IPv4 Enrichment
    • Multicondition PADNS Lookup
    • Reverse PADNS Lookup
    • Advanced Request

    Installing Silent Push in ThreatConnect

    1. Get your Silent Push API Key by navigating to Profile > Organization > API Keys

    2. Log into ThreatConnect with a System Administrator account

    3. Install the Silent Push App via TC Exchangeâ„¢

    4. Insert the Silent Push App into any Playbook

    For more details on installation and functionality, please see the Silent Push Installation and Configuration Guide prepared by our partners at ThreatConnect.

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