Obtain an ASN takedown reputation
    • 16 May 2023
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    Obtain an ASN takedown reputation

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    An ASN's takedown reputation is a measure of the ability and willingness of a network's service provider to take action to mitigate cyber threats associated with the network.

    ASN takedown reputation is based on a variety of factors, including the service provider's history of responding to abuse reports and taking action to mitigate malicious activity associated with their network.

    Service providers that are more responsive and effective at mitigating threats associated with their network will generally have a higher takedown reputation.

    ASN takedown reputation is an important consideration when identifying potential threats and taking appropriate action to defend against them.

    Networks with a high takedown reputation are more likely to take swift action to mitigate malicious activity associated with their network, while networks with a low takedown reputation may be less responsive or less effective at mitigating such activity.

    1. Navigate to Advanced Query Builder > PADNS Queries > ASN Takedown Reputation

    2. Specify an ASN

    3. (Optional) Select explain to show details of the data used to calculate the score

    4. Click Search

    Saving queries

    Organizational users are able to save individual queries ran from Advanced Query Builder, and store them in the Private Queries menu for future analysis, or to share with their organization.

    1. Specify the query parameters

    2. Click Save Query

    3. Give your query a Name

    4. Specify a Description to add more context

    5. Click Save

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